Funktionen Features

RF AirAnalyzer

Versatile features

Extensive functions allow users to quickly and easily obtain detailed results. The measurement data are processed and visualized via your own laptop. The user-friendly software design and the versatile search and filter methods ensure effective working.

The standard scope of functions of the RF AirAnalyzer can flexibly be expanded by a large number of functions.

Extensive analysis options

The recorded data are stored as raw data on the hard disk of the computer. To evaluate the protocol, the raw data can be analyzed, filtered and displayed.

Message Sequence Chart (MSC)

The MSC represents the complex communication flow in the signaling between mobile station and base station in a user-friendly and detailed way.

Voice decoder

To ensure a high voice quality, the voice decoder offers an evaluation of the voice quality in real-time. The data can be saved in the WAV format for further analysis.


In a selectable frequency range, all the available carriers are represented with their broadcast parameters. A clear representation visualizes, among other things, the current occupation of channels, power received or frequency errors. The evaluation of the current network state is supported with respect to quality as well as quantity.