Erweiterungen Expansions

RF AirAnalyzer

Flexible expansion options

In addition to the standard functions, the analysis software can be expanded with a large number of functions. A selection of these very helpful functions is represented below.

Quality of Service (QoS) Analyzer

The data are visualized in graphical or tabular form and facilitate the analysis. The quality of the mobile radio network is determined using different parameters, e.g. SDS, call setup time or utilization of radio cells.

This feature allows representing the utilization and channel usage by groups or their calls.

IQ Analyzer (Physical Data Analyzer)

Measures all the relevant IQ data of a base station and represents them in graphical form, e.g. the spectrum of the carrier, Peak, C/I and RMS vector errors as well as the constellation display of the base station.

Scanner Analyzer

Neighborhood relationships of base stations are represented as well as the offline analysis of the scanner results. Recording of all carriers in the selected frequency spectrum with automatic error analysis in the relationships of the neighbor cells.

Air Interface Encryption

Statically or dynamically encrypted radio transmission can be analyzed using additional authentication and encryption algorithms (not part of this option). For this purpose, messages in the uplink and downlink are automatically decrypted for the analysis.

Direct Mode Option (DMO)

It enables the full analysis potential for the direct communication between mobile stations (DMO mobile stations, repeaters and gateways).

Geo Maps for Coverage Tests

Combines measurements of the signal power and different error rates with GPS positioning data of your own location. The positions of mobile stations can also be displayed. Measurements are represented in real time.

The data provide information about the values of signal output, frequency errors as well as best server of several channels in the downlink.